Lisnaskea Medical Centre

Seasonal flu vaccine

All patients in the “At Risk Groups” are invited to receive the Influenza vaccination, ie – Over 65s, Chronic Heart Disease, Respiratory/Asthma, Chronic Kidney Disease, Chronic Liver Disease, Chronic Neurological Disease, Diabetes, Immunosuppressed, Pregnant Women, Carers, Children between 4 and 17 years (please note all children attending Primary School will be offered the vaccine in school), all children aged 2&3 (pre-school). Anyone aged 70, 78 or 79 years of age will also be offered the Shingles Vaccine, patients now aged 71 who were elligible last year and did not get the vaccine can also receive this year. If you have not received your flu or shingles vaccine please contact the Health Centre to organise a suitable time to come in.