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Patient Information

Here you can find out how to register at our practice and read other important information for patients.

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Caring for Carers A carer is someone who regularly provides a substantial amount of care for example a young person under 18 looking after a parent/brother/sister, looking after a relative ... [continue] Carers

Ear Wax

Ear Wax We do not routinely ‘syringe ears’. Ear wax is normal and if there is a bit of a build up of ear wax we recommend using olive oil ... [continue] Ear Wax

Generic Drugs

As a practice, we follow the Health and Social Care Board’s advice to prescribe generically. Generic prescribing means that the drug you have been prescribed will be under it’s ‘real’ ... [continue] Generic Drugs

How to Register

You can register by bringing along your NHS medical card or completing a form available from reception. Please note that we will require proof of address (utility bill/rental agreement etc.).To ... [continue] How to Register

Letter request

Requests for specific letters are outside NHS core services and will incur a fee. For more information see ‘Non-NHS work’. It would help the doctor filling in your form and ... [continue] Letter request

Medical Records

The practice is registered and complies with the current GDPR regulations.  Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be dealt with in ... [continue] Medical Records

Palliative Care Transport

The patient is not asked to pay for the service, however the provision of the services relies on donation/ fundraising, according service users are asked to make a donation according ... [continue] Palliative Care Transport

Patient confidentiality

Freedom of Information The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act was passed on 30 November 2000. It gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by ... [continue] Patient confidentiality

Patient Survey

Yearly we send out a questionnaire to a selection of patients to see how satisfied (or dissatisfied) you are about the services we provide. Because we send the Questionnaires at ... [continue] Patient Survey

Physical Activity Referral Scheme

The practice is involved in the Physical Activity Referral Scheme which provides a route for GPs and Nurses to refer appropriate patients to their local Leisure Centre for supervised exercise ... [continue] Physical Activity Referral Scheme

Practice Boundary

Our Practice Boundary is a 10 mile radius north of Lisnaskea to where it meets the Fermanagh border, then following this border south to where it crosses Upper Lough Erne ... [continue] Practice Boundary

Privacy Policy and Cookies

Privacy policy This website uses cookies A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device (like your computer or smart phone) when you ... [continue] Privacy Policy and Cookies

Protect antibiotics so they can protect you!

“Against colds and flu, there’s nothing antibiotics can do” Antibiotics are important medicines that help fight serious infections caused by bacteria, such as, meningitis, pneumonia and sepsis. But they don’t ... [continue] Protect antibiotics so they can protect you!

Suggestions and Complaints

We take complaints very seriously. If you would like to make a complaint regarding the surgery or the services we offer, please contact the Practice Manager Mrs. Maria Nugent-Murphy by ... [continue] Suggestions and Complaints

Support for young people and families

Support for young people and families If you are struggling with emotional issues as a young person there is a lot of help out there. Counselling is provided in all ... [continue] Support for young people and families

Updating your Details

If you change your name, address or telephone number, please let our receptionists know by calling or texting us. If you move outside the practice area you need to find ... [continue] Updating your Details

Using this Website

The medical information on this website, and on any sites linked to from this website, gives general advice only and SHOULD NOT be used as a substitute for the personal ... [continue] Using this Website

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Policy The NHS operates a zero tolerance policy with regard to violence and abuse and the practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect ... [continue] Zero Tolerance


To book an appointment you can ring the practice between 9 and 10.30 AM when all receptionists are on the phones and a triaging clinician is supporting the reception team ... [continue] Appointments

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 9th March, 2022