Lisnaskea Medical Centre

AccuRx Software

Please click on the following links which gives further information on security of accuRx and how to respond to texts, manage documents etc.


Please see below some information to support you when sending photographs to the Practice:

Photograph suitability – No unsuitable images of a sensitive personal nature are to be sent (eg. genitals).

AccuRx chain which sends a text to the patient to which up to 5 images can be attached and these can be saved to the notes directly or viewed and deleted. The images are not held on any device outside of the patients notes and permission is requested of the patient if they would be useful for teaching purposes. All in line with data protection. Patients should consider deleting the images from the device after they are taken.


Taking a good image – Tips and information on using mobile devices for clinical photography:

  • DEVICE AGE AND SPECIFICATION – will determine whether the images captured are of sufficient quality for diagnostic purposes.


  • FLASH – usually produces a sharper image with higher contrast and better colour consistency, but keep your distance – flash used too near the subject will bleach out the image. A white background gives better contrast than a darker one.



  • FRAMING – take a selection of images – a distance image that includes a known anatomical landmark eg. a limb or joint or anatomical landmark as well as a close-up.


  • FOCUS – allow time for the camera to engage its auto-focus facility



  • SCALE – magnification/distances are not set on a mobile device camera, unlike a digital SLR camera, so it is important to include a scale measure, such as a ruler or a 1p coin, in the shot so that views can be repeated and more accurately compared. Scales which contain a colour control patch to indicate variations in skin tones could be a useful addition.


  • Consent: Consent should always be sought before capturing an image. Consent is assumed if the patient clicks on the link to send back a photograph. Patients can withdraw their consent at any time. If you have any concerns ask the Dr to delete the images once they have been viewed so they are not added to the clinical record.