Lisnaskea Medical Centre

Who should I see?

Maple has an extended Multi-disciplinary team.

Some people were maybe used to see their GP for every illness, minor or major, but the model of delivering primary care is changing to make it sustainable for the future.

New health care professionals like pharmacists, advanced clinical practitioners/nurses, mental health practitioners, physician associates and physiotherapist are now an integrated part of our team as are our General Practice Nurses, treatment room nurses, district nurses, health care assistants, social workers and health visitors.

Advanced clinical practitioners/physician associate

The advanced clinical practitioners/nurses deal mainly with urgent problems. Health issues that are more acute like respiratory tract infections, acute abdominal pain, severe acute pain etc.

Practice nurse

The practice nurses review patients with chronic conditions like asthma, COPD, diabetes and heart disease. They also take your smear, check your INR, check some blood, check blood pressures when indicated and check coils.

Treatment room

The treatment room sees people for ECGs, dressings and blood taking.


The phlebotomists take blood when they are requested by a doctor or nurse.

Mental Health Practitioner

The mental health practitioner sees patients who present with mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or acute stress.


The physiotherapist assesses patients with joint and muscle pains and can offer various treatment options like exercises, pain relief or a referral for further physiotherapy.


The pharmacists deal with all discharge letters from the hospital and are also optimising treatment for patients with chronic conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis. Pharmacists can also offer you a more detailed medication review.

Health visitor

The health visitors are involved with families especially when there is a newborn and would advise when your baby has feeding problems, mild skin rashes, colic, or sleep problems.


The General Practitioner/doctor is best placed to deal with more complex health concerns or multiple health concerns. If you have been seeing a particular doctor for ongoing issues it is best to see her/him again.

District nurse

The district nurses attend to housebound patients for dressings and eg. palliative treatment.

Social worker

The social workers can conduct a care need assessment for an elderly patient and organise the support needed to keep living independently.

You can have a look at our team here and when you contact us for an appointment directly ask for the healthcare professional you feel would be best placed to deal with your health concern.

Date published: 9th March, 2022
Date last updated: 30th April, 2023