Lisnaskea Medical Centre

Flu Vaccination Clinic

“Fact: the flu vaccine can’t give you the flu” Health Promotion Agency, N.I.

Flu is a very contagious infection which can cause serious illness.

The practice runs flu vaccination clinics each year in October and November.

If you are over 65, a carer, are pregnant or suffer from asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, liver disease or reside in a residential institution you are entitled to the flu vaccination. Children are vaccinated in their schools.

The pneumococcal vaccine, an additional vaccine, will also be offered to you at the clinic if you have not already been given it. This vaccine protects you from a serious bug which is particularly dangerous in the elderly and those with chronic illness. Unlike the flu jab, which has to be given every year, most people only need to be immunised against pneumococcal infection once.

People aged 70 and 78  will be offered he Shingles vaccination.The vaccine will help protect against this common and painful disease and its complications.

Date published: 15th December, 2014
Date last updated: 15th April, 2019