Lisnaskea Medical Centre



Drs Latimer, Dolan, Wright and McGoldrick are all female GPs who can help with any Well-Woman enquiries.

A full family planning service is available including fitting of Nexplanon, IUCDs (‘coils’) and Mirena. Please ask to speak to one the female doctors to discuss these effective forms of contraception.

Smears are taken by nurses Denise Chapman and Claire McDaid. We have a recall system for that and you will receive an invitation.


Your first point of contact for antenatal care is the Community Midwife. She will provide your antenatal care together with input from the GP, Consultant Obstetrician and Hospital. Your postnatal check is with the GP at 4-6 weeks after having your baby.

Immunisation & Child Health

The Health visitors organise the child development checks and immunisations are organised by appointment.

Asthma and COPD

You will receive an invitation to attend or make an appointment for your asthma or COPD with ne of the Practice Nurses.


You are invited to your group clinic annually, but may need one-to-one or more frequent follow-ups. Your eye screening and podiatry appointment will be yearly. Some people will attend the Specialist Diabetic nurse.

Warfarin Clinic

For those patients receiving warfarin near-patient testing is available with fast and accurate results. This is lead by practice nurse Claire MCDaid.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Practitioner or one of the GPs can attend to you for any mental health issue. We also work closely with the Community Mental health team who are running clinics in the health centre regularly. Counsellors of the Ailsing centre also come to the Health centre. Patient can self-refer to the Aisling centre (028 6632 5811) or NEXUS (028 6632 0046).


Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 15th March, 2022